Do you stand with your back arched? This may be affecting Core Recovery Postpartum…

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I see this alot with my postpartum clients. Our body gets so used to standing with our bellies out while we are pregnant that our muscles and nervous system start to adapt.

It can be a hard habit to break afterwards (and there’s a good chance you were already doing it before too).

Anterior pelvic tilt can affect many things, especially for those who are working to heal their diastasis recti postpartum.

?It’s not that we have to have perfect posture all the time. Everyone is built differently and it’s rare to find someone with perfect alignment. But it is important to be aware of it and work to correct our posture during exercise and daily movements to avoid injury and long term muscle imbalances.

Working on core exercises in neutral spine is super important and will help you recruit the right muscles, so you aren’t wasting time going through the motions without getting results.

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