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#BumpUpYourCalcium During Pregnancy

How many times have you heard your Mom or Grandma say that you better drink your milk if you want to have strong bones? Well did you know that while pregnant, calcium is not just important for you but also for your growing baby? Your baby needs calcium to develop healthy teeth, bones muscle and heart. If you aren’t taking in enough calcium through your diet during pregnancy your baby may be depleting your own calcium stores, leaving you at risk of poor bone health, calcium deficiency and even osteoporosis.

Calcium Recommendations During Pregnancy

According to mayoclinic.org women aged 19-50 require 1000 mg of calcium everyday. This can be taken in through foods such as milk, kale, sardines, cheese and yogurt. Even if you are a healthy eater it can often be challenging to meet your requirements through diet alone. For example, you would have to drink 3.3 cups of milk or eat more than 4 cups of cooked kale to reach 1000 mg. If you are a busy mama like myself, you know some days that just isn’t happening!

Why Supplement with Calcium?

Although it is important to take in enough calories through real food and proper nutrition during pregnancy it may be a good idea to include a supplement in your diet in addition to your prenatal vitamin. Viactiv calcium chews provide 500 mg of calcium per chew and just two of them daily is enough to meet all your calcium needs making sure both you and baby continue to grow strong bones and teeth!

In addition to calcium, other vitamins such as folic acid, iodine and vitamin D are also crucial during pregnancy. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommends 600 IU per day of vitamin D for all women, especially while pregnant. Since vitamin D is hard to come by in everyday foods, Viactiv soft chews include 500 IU of vitamin D in every chew ensuring you are getting your recommended amount.

Even though I am not currently pregnant, I find I have a hard time reaching my recommended daily intake of calcium. Quite frankly, I hate milk so that’s not an option for me. I have always been sensitive to dairy and although I can tolerate some cheeses and greek yogurt it’s hard for me to eat enough of it everyday.

I recently started taking Viactiv Calcium Soft Chews and I am loving the caramel flavor! They are also available in milk chocolate and you can buy them at major retailers like CVS, Rite Aid, Target, and Walmart, as well as supermarkets nationwide.

Now it’s your turn to #BumpUpYourCalcium to benefit you and your growing baby.  Check out Viactiv on Facebook and Instagram to learn more!

Perfect for on the go!
Perfect for on the go!

Learn more about #Viactiv and pregnancy here.

This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation on behalf of Viactiv that contains affiliate links. I received Viactiv Calcium Soft Chews for my own personal use. This post is not intended to address or diagnose any medical conditions. All opinions, text and experiences are my own. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing or planning on becoming pregnant, speak with your healthcare provider if you have any specific health questions or prior to taking any dietary supplements.

4 Lessons Learned from Bad Moms the Movie

I never got around to seeing Bad Moms the movie in theatres so I was super excited when it was released on video last week! **On a side note, do people still say ‘video’ or am I dating myself? I feel like this doesn’t really apply in the digital era.**

Regardless, if you haven’t got a chance to see it, go download it now! This movie was not only a great  comedy but was such a good reminder that being a mom is hard, and motherhood is really about making it through the day the best way that we can.

bad moms movie reviewHere are the 4 lessons that I took away from the movie (in between nearly peeing myself laughing) hope you can relate!

6 Reasons to hate getting your period back after baby

Between pregnancy and breastfeeding, many women can escape their monthly period for a year or two or more! This can give us a much needed break and a whole new perspective on life without periods. Many people I have chatted with state that it always comes as a shock when it returns and has them thinking…was it this annoying before? I’ve compiled a list of 6 reasons why getting your period back after baby sucks! I’d love to hear some of the reasons you came up with in the comments below.


3 Best Yoga Wheel Core Exercises

I’m an occasional yogi. I love yoga, it calms me, brings me peace and challenges my body to a whole different level than my regular workouts. That being said, I have a terribly hard time making it to class lately. Instead, I’ve taken to practicing poses at home with the help of a couple of fun props.

yogdev yoga wheel

I have recently had my eye on a yoga wheel and decided to give it a try. I liked the idea that it could be used to increase the depth and challenge of certain poses but could also be used as a way to decrease the flexibility required and work on improved core strength and form.

This has been fun to experiment with, and surprisingly there is a level of sexuality to it! Some of the poses I tried were downright hot! Bottom line, a yoga wheel is way cooler than a foam block.

The YogaDev wheel was designed with everyday yogi’s in mind and provides amazing quality for a relatively small price tag. This thing is sturdy!! There is no caving under pressure, and the foam grip helps keep you from slipping.

What is a yoga wheel?

A yoga wheel was primarily designed to help increase the depth of poses requiring a backbend such as bow pose or full pigeon. Since backbends are challenging for me already, I decided this probably wasn’t a good place to start. It is very useful for improving balance and alignment, and I loved the feedback it gave me on where my body should be as I moved into some basic backbends over the wheel.

A yoga wheel can also be used to challenge your core on a whole different level. Not only do you have to find your center and weight distribution to keep it from rolling away, but you also have to keep it from tipping over sideways. This was fun to experiment with during planks and balance poses and by far my favorite way to use it since I love challenging my balance and strength beyond what I do in the gym.

Lastly, I found it to be a great stretching tool, especially for opening up the chest and thoracic spine. It can also be a great hip opener and can offer a nice stretch to the hamstrings and hip flexors.

Strengthening Exercises

Try these 3 beginner strength exercises to challenge your core, improve your flexibility and feel like a super yogi in no time.

Yoga Squat

This surprisingly was easier than it looks. Start by placing your feet centered on the wheel, heels directly under your midline and hands on the floor in front of you. Once you find your balance, slowly bring your hands to heart center sinking into your squat. To increase the challenge come up out of the squat halfway and sink back down. Repeat 5 times.

Inverted V

This is one of my favorite core exercises, and I loved being able to use the wheel to facilitate it. Start in a high plank position with your feet on the wheel. Focus on keeping your core tight and weight centered with your feet flexed and toes on the wheel. Slowly draw the wheel towards your hands as you push up into a half handstand, lifting your hips towards the sky. Hold here or roll out and repeat 5 times.

yogdev yoga wheel inverted V

Wheel Mountain Climbers

This fun core exercise is a twist on regular mountain climbers. Start in a high plank position with your left foot pointed over the wheel. Bring your right leg to your chest without rounding through the back. Pull your bellybutton to your spine, bracing your core. Using your breathe roll the wheel in towards your body bending your right knee. Extend your left foot out behind you with a pointed toe. Repeat 3 times and switch sides.

yogdev yoga wheel mountain climbers

In fitness and good health,

The perfect fall outfit for busy moms from PrAna

I’m not sure if it’s purely psychological, but it seems as soon as Labor Day is over fall sets immediately in. The evenings have been cooler, and I’ve been craving pumpkin spiced lattes, cozy scarves, and comfy boots. Fall is my favorite time of year for many reasons (my birthday being one of them!), and it’s a good opportunity to buckle down, get organized and set myself up to finish the year off strong.

As a mom of a busy toddler I’ve realized that practical clothing is the way to go. I have traded in light-colored linen pants and cute sundresses for jeans and a t-shirt or yoga pants. That is all it takes to avoid looking like a wrinkled, handprint stained disaster all the time and more like the put together ambitious mama that I am!

The change of seasons always brings with it a feeling of renewal and desire for change. What better way to embrace it than a new fall outfit? Check out this cozy look I got from PrAna, the maker of beautiful athletic wear and casual clothing. I’ve been dying for cooler weather to set in so I can show it off.prana review

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