Favorite Purchases of 2022

I will admit it. I am weak when it comes to Instagram marketing, and I am easily influenced. That being said, I’ve tried ALOT of products designed to improve your health. I just call it market research for my clients! Ha!

Here are the ones that made the top of the list (in no particular order). 

Seed Probiotics – Use code fitmamasb20 to save 20% 
I started taking these about 8 months ago and have noticed a difference in my gut health and overall digestion, so I call that a win. I also don’t get sick very often, but I chalk that up to working in a nursing home for years, so not sure if the probiotics help with that!


Oura Ring – Learn More -> https://oura.link/AkQDYoGy
To say I LOVE my Oura ring is an understatement. Although I can’t quite replace my Apple watch with it…so now I’m that person who wears both. The Oura ring has made me much more aware of my resting heart rate, sleep, and how going to bed late, drinking, and working out affect overall stress on my body. It also tracks temperature, which is GREAT for knowing what is going on with your female hormones. Highly recommend. 

oura ring review

Natural Cycles – Get 20% off. 
This goes with the Oura ring, but I also bought a membership to the Natural Cycles app. I would have never used that app if I had to actually take my temperature every morning, but the Oura ring automatically syncs it over, so it’s great. Since going off BC two years ago, I’ve been using temperature as a way to track my cycle. This helps guide my workouts and reminds me when I should be extra careful ;). 

PS …If you haven’t tried my 28-day cycle syncing workout program, it’s now included as part of the All Access Studio membership

natural cycles review

Neck and Shoulder Relaxer
Okay, I posted about this on TikTok a while back, and it wasn’t even a sponsored post. This really helps! This has been great for helping with tension headaches. I usually lay on it for 5 minutes a day (when I remember). 

neck relaxer

Glute Ham Glider for Home Gym 
This is a really fun piece of equipment to have at home if you want to step up your workouts. It’s small and portable, and you can challenge your abs and glutes in so many different ways. I usually use this to mimic a Pilates reformer for a killer ab workout at home. 

at home core workout

Vuori joggers – get 20% off I practically live in these things, I have them in 4 different colors, so they had to make the list. Great for lounging, working, and low-intensity workouts. You need them in your life! PS. They also come in long lengths, which is a must if you are tall like me. 

 my favorite vuori joggers

Fenty Skin Daily Moisturizer with SPF
Last thing on my list! I admit I pay much more attention to my skincare these days. This is great for everyday use and one of the only ones I found that doesn’t feel sticky, and I can wear it under my makeup. 

Fenty sunscreen review

This post does contain affiliate links. BUT they don’t pay enough to influence my opinion, so keeping it super transparent for you!

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