Your body is like an ongoing home renovation project

Does anyone else feel like their body is always a work in progress??

Wouldn’t it be great if you finally got everything working the way you wanted and it would just stay that way? Ha!
Being in the health and fitness business my whole life means that I suffer from a bit of white coat syndrome. The more you know the more you think is wrong right? It’s a blessing and a curse.

My body has been a continual work in progress but it has also been the best learning tool when it comes to figuring out how different muscles impact each other.
Every pain, every twinge, every ache….has led me to hyper analyzing my own body movements and figuring out the WHY behind every problem. I learned early on that it is never just one muscle or joint, and our body is like the home reno project that never ends.
If a lightbulb doesn’t work, you try to change the lightbulb right? But when that doesn’t fix the problem you usually end up having to dig deeper (or call a specialist ;)) to find the real problem in the circuit.

Our bodies work the same way. So you can live with a burnt out lightbulb or you can jump in, dig a little deeper and fix the problem from the inside out…hang with me a little longer and you might even get that lightbulb moment you’ve been looking for.
Stay tuned mama. Our bodies are our forever home, and we are building your dream home together.

Xo – Tasha

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