Can you really fix diastasis recti with exercise?

Can You Really Fix Diastasis Recti With Exercise?

diastasis recti tips
diastasis recti tips

I get asked this all the time…

Is it really possible to ‘fix #diastasisrecti with exercise? 

👉 Short answer…Doing the right exercises and listening to your body can make it SO much better. 

Keep reading for how I can help you do this!

👉 Long answer… 

In most cases it is totally possible to see major improvement in your ab separation with exercise. I’ve worked with 100’s of women who have reduced the gap by multiple finger widths through exercise alone. 

Many people think they need to have no gap at all in order to be ‘healed’. The reality is some people will always have a small gap, and that is okay! Anything under 2 finger widths is considered ‘functional’ and less likely to cause issues. 

You can improve DR even years after pregnancy. It is never too late to create lasting results. 

When working on DR we focus on rebuilding your core from the inside out. There are many different things to consider…how your muscles are moving together, how you are breathing, what muscles you are targeting and what exercises and daily activities you are doing. 

It’s all about proper form and consistency…I’ve seen lots of people doing exercises wrong, and then wonder why they aren’t getting results. 🤯

Modifying daily activities and building full body strength is also important! 

➡️ In my 90 day #NewMamaYou core strength program we focus on regaining your core strength postpartum to get you from NO strength at all to being able to do strength workouts with ease.⬅️

It is the perfect way to slowly build strength, reconnect with your core and get you to the point where you can return to more challenging workouts with confidence. 

The program focuses on core exercises, stretching, full body movements and low impact workouts. 

You will get… 

🔑 App access with 4-5 10 minute workouts a week

🔑 Check in’s and guidance

🔑 Exercise videos and tutorials

🔑 Group coaching and daily accountability

🔑 Nutrition resources and guidance. 

This program is run through my app and designed to keep you accountable and on track for 90 days. 

Click HERE to sign up! ⬆️ Let’s do this mama. 

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