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I just wanted to touch on how challenging it can be to work exercise into your everyday routine with a baby. When I first started back at the gym I found that working out was an all day event. By the time I timed our feedings right, got myself dressed, got her dressed, loaded her into the car, brought her to the gym and got my runners on I was exhausted. But after a couple weeks it got easier and easier. I started back at Crossfit about 4 weeks after she was born, after being cleared by my doctor to return to exercise.  I went to an easy class and was able to modify a lot of the exercises to suit my current level. Since my daughter was so young when I started taking her  I feel like she never really knew any different. She now comes with me 4x a week and enjoys watching everyone workout! (Well I don’t really know if she enjoys it, but she definitely seems happy!) Working out with friends is a great way to develop accountability (I barely miss a workout), to get out of the house (otherwise I would barely leave), and interact with adults other than my husband! Having a baby can be isolating and exercise and support from others is one of the first thing I recommend to combat postpartum depression. Whether you start with a simple walk with a friend or lunges around the house while holding the baby, every little bit counts. If you get into the routine of incorporating exercise into your day from the start it will make it easier as your baby gets older! Check out my little one at 5 weeks old dressed to impress at Crossfit.

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