So you want to start running… but are not sure where to start?

Whether you are new to running or returning to running postpartum there are a few things you should focus on before jumping on the treadmill.

➡️ How’s your core and pelvic floor? If you are dealing with back pain, leaking, or hip pain you definitely want to start with some strengthening exercises before jumping into running.

➡️ How’s your balance? Can you do single leg exercises without falling over? If not, start there.

➡️ Any foot issues? If you’re already dealing with foot pain, you are at risk of repetitive strain injuries like PF, tendinitis, and fractures. Make sure you have a good pair of shoes and maybe start on the treadmill before running on the pavement.

? Start small. Intervals are your friend! Try running for 1 minute, then walking for 1 min. Repeat for 20 minutes. Focus on breathing and good form.

? Follow a training plan. I love working in the longer steady state runs with shorter high intensity workouts. This will help you build strength and endurance without having to set aside hours per week. You can gradually increase your mileage each week. This may look like…
Monday – 3 miles
Tuesday – Strength training and HIIT intervals
Weds – 2 mile intervals
Thursday- rest
Friday – Strength training and HIIT
Saturday- long run (4+ miles)

? Run at a decent pace. Shuffling along often leads to poor form. It’s better to do shorter intervals at a good pace with great form than slugging along wasting your energy on bad form (this also puts extra pressure through the knees and hips).

? Listen to your body. Overtraining will lead to injuries and ultimately make you not want to run again. Work at your level and focus on body awareness.

? Pre-hydrate!! You should be drinking water before, during, and after your run. Fuel your body with complex carbs, good fats, and protein so you aren’t just burning muscle.

? Warmup before (see my running warmup video) and stretch afterward. Your body will thank you.

? Find a friend! We are way more likely to stick with a program if you are doing it with a friend.

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