5 biggest running mistakes!

I’m not an expert runner (always improving!) but I have learned a few things through the years…

?Turn the sound on for my play by play on what I’m doing wrong in each clip as I analyze my movement.

1) ❌Chin jut – believe me, this makes it really hard to breathe.

2) ❌Hunching forward – too much side to side movement.

3) ❌Leaving butt behind – this is subtle but once I learned how to engage my core and tuck my hips I felt way better in my runs.

4)❌Shoulder tension

5)❌Taking too big of steps

Have you ever filmed yourself running? Try it. Feel free to tag me for tips!

Some of these aren’t a simple fix, we often establish poor movement patterns and habits that are hard to break. BUT Strengthening the proper muscles, gaining proprioceptive feedback, and watching yourself in a mirror/video can really help.

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