5 minute running warmup & form tips!

What muscles should we target with a running warmup?

1️⃣Hamstrings – Straight leg kicks
2️⃣Quads and Hip Flexors – Butt kickers
3️⃣Ankles and Calves – Tip toe walk, heel walk
4️⃣Glutes – Side steps/shuffle
5️⃣Hip Flexors – High knees
6️⃣Core – rotations side to side
7️⃣Chest – bear hugs, arm swings, shoulder shrugs

We want to prime our muscles to support our best form. If these muscles aren’t firing, or are tight and inflexible it can affect our form and lead to injuries (or just a crappy run)

?Hip flexors – a lot of people have weak/tight hip flexors which can affect the ability to drive our knee up and forward during runs

?Calves – if you run on your toes, your calves are probably tight. Warming up your calves can improve form and prevent foot pain.

?Hamstrings- so important for running!! Weak/tight hamstrings mean less power and more loading into your hips and lower back

?Glutes – lazy glutes are a real thing, and if you’re running up hills you need these large muscles to be firing!

?Neck and shoulders – neck tension is never good for runners, if you are carrying tension in your neck and chest during a run you may end up with a headache or poor form from slouching forward

?Diaphragm and lungs – proper breathing patterns are key. Training yourself to breathe deeply and coordinate the movements of your diaphragm will optimize oxygen intake and keep you from bearing down into your pelvic floor.

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