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It’s almost National Stroller Running Day! On May 31st we celebrate all the parents who go above and beyond to get their workouts in and keep babies and toddlers happy!

national stroller running day

If you ever take a drive down Shoreline Drive here in Santa Barbara you will almost always see parents jogging with their strollers. When I first moved here (pre-baby) I thought, WOW look at all those crazy fit people, how do they do it?!

On a side note…I also had this weird idea that everyone in Santa Barbara were celebrities, that everyone had long hair, and everyone was ripped and tanned, I was certain I was forever going to be the outcast. I soon realized that this wasn’t exactly the case , and maybe my perception of the world was a little skewed. haha

Anyways, I did some research before the baby on various strollers. Looked up reviews online, tried them out in the store, all the things you are suppose to do while pregnant! My parents were super sweet and said they would purchase us whatever one we chose. I wanted something easy to fold, versatile, 3 wheels, good for walks or light jogs, and comfortable for baby. We settled on the Baby Jogger City Elite. Now I must mention, according to their description this is NOT a jogging stroller. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure why, so if you have an answer for me please comment below! Looking back, if I knew I was going to use it primarily for exercise then I probably would of went with the next model Summit X3 . Regardless it suits my need for long walks and I find it works really great for jogging on the bike path or relatively smooth sidewalks. It is very well made, easy to use and baby seems to love it! It has some great pockets to stash all your stuff, it has larger wheels with a front locking mechanism, and it also has a great peekaboo window (with magnetic closure) and large sun canopy for baby.

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This is my Dad pushing the baby down Shoreline Dr. Awesome Grandpa!

I truly thought jogging with a stroller would be extremely challenging. Heck, I can’t even jog without the stroller sometimes. I have come to realize it’s really not that bad if you are sure to keep a few key things in mind.

Good form is SO important…

  • It is very important to pay attention to your running form, as it is easy to forget when holding onto the jogging stroller, especially when fatigued. Much like my elderly patients who use a walker, slumping over the handlebars, pushing it too far out in front of you, or holding on with a death grip will cause you serious pains and put you at an increased risk of injury. It also doesn’t make for very effective jogging!

What to do instead…

  • Stand up tall, shoulders down, neutral neck alignment
  • Hold on with a LIGHT grip with one hand, switch hands often
  • Keep your feet underneath you and the stroller close to you
  • If you jog with a dog who needs a leash (yeah I’m the crazy one who jogs with the dog and a baby!), be sure to keep him on a very short leash so it does not get tangled in the wheels. Always hold the leash in your hand or attached to your hip rather than tying it to the handlebars.
  • Be safe! Always be aware of other pedestrians, bikes and cars around you.
  • Have fun. If you have your baby facing you still, interact with them, sing, smile, laugh. I like to play music out loud on my phone to pass the time (safer than wearing earbuds). If your baby is facing forward make sure they are happy! A carseat toy, warm clothes, and being properly shaded always helps.

Happy Stroller Running Day!

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3 thoughts on “Jogging with a Jogging Stroller”

  1. Thanks for the shout out! Form is always so important, but goes right out the window with a jogger. Happy stroller day!

  2. Hi Natasha! I hope your National Stroller Running Day was a blast! Yeah I strongly agree that we should be conscious about our form and posture as they are indeed critical for the progress and the output we are going to attain. Thanks for sharing your great insights! Cheers for fitness and good health! 😉

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