How to stay lean, strong and healthy in 3 easy steps. ⤵️

Step 1: Have a husband who is a gourmet cook, loves to eat well and makes all your food from scratch.

Step 2: Have wife who is a personal trainer, owns a gym, and spends her entire day helping others reach their health goals.

Step 3: Keep each other accountable and in check all day every day.

Uhhh…whattttt. ?

I’m so kidding…but I have to laugh because once you work with me for a while and get a glimpse into my personal life…it becomes pretty clear that we are not your typical couple. BUT we do practice what we preach, so I have some really good pointers for people just starting out ?

SO…if you want to clean up your diet, be more consistent with eating healthy but need to start with small manageable changes …where do you begin?

This week we are talking all about lifestyle habits, food choices, meal planning and how to get your family on board (or not!).

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