When I meet with my online clients the first time to discuss their goals…most people say, “well I want to eat healthier”.

If ‘healthy eating’ to you means eating salad and chicken every day sadly you are missing out. There is SO much more to food (and to life) than living on a super restrictive diet that isn’t sustainable.

So here are TRC and I’s tips to getting started when it comes to making sustainable changes in your diet that will lead to increased muscle, less body fat, more energy, and a way better immune system.

1) Eat whole foods. Cut the processed crap. The single best thing you can do is minimize processed food. Yes, it’s a bit more work…but with some careful planning and time management, you can totally make it happen. New to cooking? Start with simple meals you can prep ahead of time or try a meal prep service, even if it’s only a few meals a week to start.

2) Limit sugar. Don’t eliminate sugar but be mindful of empty calories like soda, alcohol, candy, and desserts. Aim for substitutes like fruit or simply stick to small portions of the things you REALLY enjoy.

3) Drink lots of water. Like way more than you think you need. You should never FEEL thirsty.

4) Fill your dinner plate with color. If you simply strive to eat a balanced plate for dinner you will already start to see changes. Fill half your plate with veggies, 1/4 with protein, and 1/4 with carbs.

5) Be supportive of your partner’s goals or vice versa. Not saying you always have to be on the same page, but having a partner ordering take-out every night and dismissing your needs makes it really hard! Have an honest conversation about what you are working towards and strategies to get everyone on board.

6) Follow the 80/20 rule. Eat well 80% of the time, and don’t stress about the rest of it! This will keep you from going crazy. We really enjoy our evenings out and occasional treats, and hardly feel bad about it. ?

I usually have my clients focus on ONE thing at a time. It’s hard to do a complete diet overhaul overnight, and you likely won’t be able to stick with it…but making one change at a time and being consistent until it becomes easier can really make a difference. ?

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