How to add resistance to dumbbells with a Superband

 ?Save this upper body and glute workout to do later and challenge yourself with some extra resistance! ?

4 rounds – 10 reps of each !

1. Glute bridge with a chest press – loop each side of the superband around the dumbbells. Place band across upper back and then lie down. Bring hips into glute bridge and then press up with dumbbells over chest. Lower and repeat.

2. Chest flys in glute bridge – Hold dumbbells with band out to side with palms up. Bring your hands over your chest to midline. Keeping hips in bridge continue movement with upper body.

3. Kneeling glute raise with shoulder press – loop band under shins in kneeling position. Holding the dumbbells with band wrapped around them bring yourself into a high kneeling position and press up overhead. Lower your hips and repeat.

4. Kneeling bicep curls – Holding one dumbbell with band looped around it place other side of band under knee. In high kneeling position bring hand up to shoulder level squeezing through the biceps. Lower hand and repeat.

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