Every time I post a core workout I get so many messages saying things like “I could never do that” or “pfftt… maybe before kids”!

Today’s workout was actually pulled right from month 3 of my core recovery program #NewMamaYou that I just opened registration for.

So let me share why I created this program in the first place…I gained 70 lbs with my daughter and couldn’t workout during pregnancy so let’s just say my core wasn’t just weak…it was full on non existent ?

I had #diastasisrecti, you could feel a 3 finger gap in my abs and my back was always aching. I remember going to a beginner Pilates class and feeling so frustrated that I could barely do anything.

For me it wasn’t about weight, it was being able to do all the things again.

But you know what mama?…The only thing you need to get back your core strength is consistency.

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