How I feel about yoga ⬇️

I hated yoga for years. I didn’t see the point.

Truthfully, I was looking at it the wrong way. I viewed it as a workout, and if I wasn’t breaking a sweat or getting sore afterwards, does it even count? ?

After my divorce I was living in a very high stress state (go figure)….so high stress in fact, that I ended up seeing a functional medicine doctor to help me come up with a plan to start getting my body functioning well again. ?‍⚕️

She suggested yoga…and I probably rolled my eyes. I wanted a quick fix, something to decrease my stress levels, without changing anything I was doing in my life. Luckily she wasn’t the kind of doctor to just write a prescription and send me on my way but instead spent the time to help me see what things in my life I COULD change. ?

News flash – quick fixes don’t exist. ?‍♀️

So after much debate I signed up for yoga and started working that into my routine. The first few weeks I spent the class feeling pretty anxious, I was good at the movements but I still wasn’t able to turn off my brain and focus during class. It was only after I was able to get a handle on my thoughts, that I really started to benefit.

If you want to take care of your body, you need to take care of your mind too. I learned that for nothing else, spending an hour in a dark room without my cell phone was a good step in the right direction. ?‍♀️

So whatever you need to do to check out for an hour…sometimes that can be just as beneficial as a gruelling workout

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