No matter how much I stretch I feel like my legs are always tight”!! — sound familiar?

So…Does stretching really help fix hamstring tightness? — Eh, not really. ?

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Bottom line
⁃If your hamstrings are always tight (not just after a workout) there is usually something else going on.
⁃Some people are just genetically more stiff, but it is more likely that you have some muscle imbalances that are causing your hamstrings to be overworked.
⁃Weak muscles are often tight muscles…hamstrings included.
⁃Stretching should be combined with strengthening and dynamic movement for lasting change.

Check with a movement pro near you for a full functional movement assessment. I love when I get to pick apart people’s movement patterns, posture, and muscle imbalances to find the areas that need some work. This is how we get results so you can not only move better but with less pain! ?

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