Healthy Reading for Kids

Some of my fondest memories of my childhood involved my mom reading me bedtime stories. We would read the same books over and over, anything from Robert Munsch to fashion magazines.  reading with kids

*I’ve now realized that you can read pretty much anything in a childish tone and keep a kids attention. Yesterday my daughter and I were reading articles on sport specific training exercises and she couldn’t help but enjoy listening to me read out loud.*

Reading is calming, informative, and helps teach important listening and comprehension skills. Early reading instilled in me a lifelong appreciation for books and education
, an appreciation I hope to pass onto my own child. 

If there is one thing I’ve learned in the past months it is that children are always listening, watching, and absorbing everything around them. Every day my toddler astounds me with a new word or skill that I never knew she had. I like to use everything possible as a learning opportunity for her young mind which is why I am thrilled that there is a new wave of children’s books aimed to help educate children about living a healthy lifestyle.

the mystery of the lost recipeBy incorporating themes of healthy eating, exercise, and positive body image into stories we can fulfill a child’s desire to read as well as teach them healthy habits for the future.

Mr. Jones, a central California local and voice behind Healthy Kids Publishing strives to promote good eating habits in his book, “the Mystery of the Lost Recipe”. It is a great story about two detective children who are on the hunt for a lost recipe at the Orange Surf Restaurant. The story promotes the importance of eating breakfast and staying fueled on healthy food throughout the day. You can purchase both his books here and use code ‘SUMMER’ for $5 off.

the mystery of the lost recipe

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