Your anxiety or other mental health issues do not define you. ✨

How many times have you worried what other people may think, felt like you let others down, or even worse felt like you let yourself down because your thoughts got in the way?

It usually goes like this…. A client skipped their workouts for the week because they struggled to get out of bed, or getting the kids to school was all the energy they could muster for the day.

BUT instead of taking steps to prevent this from happening over and over, they are mortified and afraid to tell me worried that they let me down (usually prolonging their streak of no workouts)

? That is what I am here for. To support you, no matter what is going on. And some of my best coaching relationships have been built on clients trusting me enough to be honest and real. Talking about it out loud is the first step to breaking the cycle.

This is the difference between an instructor you see at the gym and a 1:1 health coach like myself and many of my amazing colleagues. It’s holistic, ongoing, and about more than just showing up to workout.

You are you. And the things you may see as a negative can be really positive aspects of your being as well.

Postpartum anxiety does not make you a failure, because in the end you are a good mom, who wants the best for their kids.

Learning how to be transparent, reframe your thinking, and ask for help when needed can be major dial movers when it comes to feeling like yourself again.

So how are you going to start your week this week? Even tiny little baby steps can make a huge difference!

You got this mama. ?

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