I know I specialize in postpartum core recovery…but core strength is not just for moms.

Good core strength leads to

➡Better posture and stability
➡Reduced back pain
➡Improved ability to lift heavy weight and build muscle
➡Fewer injuries
➡Better mobility and daily function
➡And abs…haha ?

Whether you are newly postpartum, had a baby years ago, or are thinking you might want to have a baby at some point, working on your core strength now will ABSOLUTELY help you in the long run. ?

I’m not just talking about crunches here, there is so much more to core strength than getting a six pack. In my 14 days back to school restart program we incorporate core exercises in EVERY workout and teach you how to do them properly. Join me for 14 days of workouts, daily accountability, group coaching and more. Spots are filling up and I’d love for you to join us.

Program starts on August 16th, are you in? Sign up now:

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