What is ‘good’ nutrition? It is about sticking to a meal plan, eating green foods, or cutting out all sugar and alcohol? ?

No. Because that would imply it’s an all or nothing approach.

Good nutrition is all about forming healthy habits. I work with my clients on taking baby steps, making small changes that soon become part of their lifestyle, so they can continue eating well long after the program is over.

If you try to completely change your diet overnight, I’ll tell you right now…you will likely fail. But if you focus on changing one thing this week…maybe it’s cutting out sugary drinks, making your lunch everyday, or limiting snacks after dinner, you will see far more progress over time as you gradually add more healthy habits (and eliminate the bad ones) to your routine.

Need some help? My group coaching programs focus on accountability. Keeping you on track with whatever goal you choose to tackle each week. My app reminds you EVERY DAY of what you set out to do, and by checking that box at the end of the day you not only feel accomplished but it lets the rest of the group know that you are trying (which is encouraging in itself!)

Oh…and PS….I love bread, and after I learned how to eat in moderation and make better choices it’s become a staple in my diet, and I don’t feel bad about it at all. ?

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