What are functional movements?? ?

Movements that don’t just strengthen one muscle group at a time, but rather work several muscle groups at once. This means you can build strength holistically, forcing your body to work together in the most efficient way possible.

This improves coordination, strength, proprioception (knowing where your body is in space), balance and much more. It is all about training movements, not muscles and can be a great addition to your weekly routine. ?‍♀️

Functional movement can be replicated in the gym — think deadlifts, pull-ups, anything that mimics movements you may do in daily life. But it is SO much more fun to naturally incorporate functional movement into your daily life.

Fun facts ?
Swinging for half an hour burns ~100 calories
A 5 min game of tag burns ~50 calories
Carrying your child for 30 minutes ~100 calories
A 30 min volleyball game burns ~150 calories
1 minute of monkey bars burns ~50 calories

So get outside, not only will your kids be STOKED, but you can get a workout in without trying! ?

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