We all do it. ? Make excuses.

I went to the orthodontist this week… he asked me why I haven’t been wearing my Invisalign.

My immediate response was to say “I’ve been busy, we were away, I’ve been overwhelmed with work, I moved” but as these thoughts ran through my brain I realized I sounded just like some of my clients when I asked them why they weren’t able to work out. ?

So instead I answered, “because I didn’t make it a priority”.

And that’s the truth! I could of worn them more, I could of set reminders and made it part of my routine… but I didn’t. And it’s not the end of the world, but I know I can do better.

So here we go again. New week, choosing what to make a priority, and deciding what is non-negotiable.

? This week I will not schedule over my workout time, I will not make excuses and I will *try* to wear the damn Invisalign ?

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