Hey mamas, I’ve got a shocking fact for you..

Change is HARD. ? Okay, it’s not that shocking. We all know that change is hard. We have things in our lives that we know deep down need an overhaul, but it’s so easy to get comfortable in your routine and keep the status quo of your life.

There’s no quick fix button to magically change all the less desirable habits in your life, BUT did you know that there are 6 phases of readiness to change and strategies that you can implement in each stage to maximize your success?

Well if ya didn’t, ya do now, and I’m going to lay them all out for you!

1️⃣ Pre-contemplation
? Action step: research! This is a great time to investigate more about the behavior you might want to change.

2️⃣ Contemplation
? Action step: focus on the solution and try to turn those vague ideas into potential actions (i.e. “I’m going to get in more steps each day”)

3️⃣ Preparation
? Action step: Tell some friends! Publically state your plans, so people can hold you accountable!

4️⃣ Action
? Action step: Focus on your positive results and celebrate your wins! It may be something as simple as “I wasn’t breathing as heavy going up those stairs.”

5️⃣ Maintenance
? Action step: continually make new goals to maintain your motivation. Ask others to check in on you.

6️⃣ Termination
? Action step: appreciate how far you’ve come, but monitor closely in times of stress and ask for additional support as needed to avoid a relapse.

Now go kick those habits out the door! You got this mama XO

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