Unpopular Opinion — It’s okay to say “I want to look better too”

If that is what it takes to start you on your fitness journey, feel free to admit you want to love what you see in the mirror. Sometimes that is the only tangible goal people can come up with to give them the motivation to start.

Often times, it’s only when you get started on your fitness journey all the other reasons start to click. Exercise leads to moving better, feeling happier, being more confident, and feel strong and sexy in your own skin. It’s then when you start to notice you have less pain, have more energy for your kids, and have more mental space to take on life.

I truly believe that feeling strong leads to feeling beautiful. Bodies change, lifestyles change, and it’s unrealistic to think we are all going to look like we are 21 again. It was only when I started to focus on being strong, and creating a new version of normal that I began to notice the flaws less, and appreciate the progress I’ve worked so hard for more.

Now don’t get me wrong, like anything…there is a fine line between striving for goals and becoming obsessed with them. So that’s why it is important to keep the big picture in mind, and have professionals to help reel you in and keep you in check when dysfunctional thoughts start to get the best of you.

After having a baby it’s become very taboo to admit we want to look better in a bathing suit, fit into our old clothes again, and feel more attractive for our partners. But if you do it in the right way, you can strive for those things and all the rest of the amazing benefits too.

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