Tuesday Tip Diastasis Recti

Diastasis Recti Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip this week is about Diastasis Recti (ab separation) after pregnancy!

diastasis recti online programI’m posting this picture because this was the point of my fitness journey where I could FINALLY say my DR was healed. It took nearly 40 weeks of rehabilitative exercise and being mindful of my movements to get there and feel comfortable doing some more advanced activities again!

Today’s tip revolves around things to do in your DAILY LIFE to help prevent and/or treat diastasis after baby.

Diastasis Recti DON’Ts

1) Don’t get out of bed with baby in your arms, you are essentially doing a weighted situp.
2) Don’t lift heavy weight overhead (e.g. getting a heavy item down off a top shelf)
3) Don’t pick up items off the ground with poor form
4) Don’t overdo it. Be mindful of your daily activities and rest when needed.

Diastasis Recti DOs

1) Log roll out of bed. Roll on your side and use your arms to assist.
2) Your core activation and TA exercises (look out tomorrow for video)
3) Ask someone to help you with housekeeping tasks
4) Use support when needed (love @baobeimaternity products and my kinesiotaping techniques!)
5) Lift your baby and items off the floor with good squat form and pre-engagement of your core. Breathing out and sucking in your bellybutton before you lift really helps!

Check out my previous posts on diastasis recti to learn more!

Diastasis can improve at any stage, even years after baby. Sign up for my 6 week postpartum personalized online training program to help you heal your diastasis and firm and tone your whole body so you can look and feel confident in all that you do.

In fitness and good health,

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip Diastasis Recti”

  1. Thanks for sharing! It’s good to know it took you awhile to get to where you’re at now. This process can be so discouraging at times with gains and set backs. When you say you’ve begun more advanced moves what do you mean? Also I didn’t see a video on Tva activation you mentioned in this post.

  2. Hey! By advanced moves, I mean anything that’s really challenging to the core and makes me shake! (like planks with movement, ab exercises on a ball, TRX ab work, etc). I’m sorry the link didn’t work! You can view them here on instagram

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