#storytime ➡️ 4 years ago, I was going through a divorce, working multiple jobs, Crossfitting 5x a week, and severely underfueling my body.

Needless to say, I thought I looked great (PS…it was short lived), was living on Advil and ended up effing up my body and hormones to a point that something major needed to change.

THIS IS WHY I CREATED MY 28 #crackthecode workout program and e-course.

Lesson learned…let me tell you what not to do ?

My old weekly routine looked like this… Crossfit 4-5 days a week, running 3x per week (on top of my workouts), chasing my 3 year old all weekend and working a grueling physical job 50 hours a week. Oh and throw in not sleeping because, who needs sleep? lol

?Am I going to tell you to never work out hard?….NO! I love my challenging workouts, but shorter workouts, varied intensity throughout the month, with CONSISTENCY is a huge game changer.

NOW…I truly focus on listening to my body’s cues, pushing it harder during the first half of the month, and using the second half for lower intensity workouts and recovery.

So what does that look like? ⤵️
I strength train 3 days a week, maybe throw in a run, cycle, or Pilates class on the other 2 days, and walk daily.

I eat WAY more food, and yes I may not be quite as ripped as I used to be….but I look super healthy, my body doesn’t hurt, I recover better between workouts, I sleep SO much better, and I feel much more hormonally balanced (because I am not running on cortisol and fumes..shocking ?)

The bottom line… I stay consistent because I am constantly changing up my routine.

? Want to learn more? My 28 day program starts on MONDAY and its currently on sale for 40% off. Link in bio.

Let’s do this mama. There’s a better way. ?

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