Let me preface this with something… Apple Watch ‘calories’ to me are just a measure of effort

I never recommend tracking calories burned as a way to ‘earn’ your food…because frankly it just doesn’t work (so many more factors that I’ll dive into on a different post), but if you use it as a way to compare one workout to another its quite helpful.

On that note…do you wear an Apple Watch? It always blows my mind how many calories my clients who are stay at home moms burn throughout the day. Flip through the slides to see how many calories daily tasks burn and you might be surprised too! ?

If you work in an office job, or even worse spend a lot of your day driving, wearing an activity tracker may be an eye opening way to see how little you actually move throughout the day. I am a huge fan of outsourcing things I don’t like to do (I really dislike cleaning bathrooms and changing sheets..ha!), but if you aren’t replacing these tasks with something else to get the body moving you may be drastically under your movement goal for the day. ?

Remember – these are all just estimates. Calorie burn depends on so many things like body size, metabolism, how hard you are working and prior activity level. The best way to look at it is to aim for a total movement goal each day, and whether you reach it by taking care of house all day or getting to the gym it’s important to try to get your 30 minutes of movement a day to keep both the body and mind fit for life. ?

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