I’m going to say it again…don’t compare yourself to others on the internet. ?‍♀️

I remember after I had my daughter I would scroll through IG seeing gorgeous photos of women who were back in their skinny jeans already or posting their latest fitness achievement and thinking, “why is that not me?” A 5k felt like a marathon and squatting just the bar felt heavier than it ever did. But it came back…it always does. Even if your timeline isn’t the same as others. ?‍♀️

Now don’t get me wrong, in the grand scheme of things I had a pretty easy postpartum recovery…but after gaining 65 pounds and being on activity restrictions most of my pregnancy I definitely wasn’t back to running 5k’s or crushing CrossFit WODs 6 weeks after giving birth, and believe me I felt kind of guilty about it.

Did I go too hard sometimes? Probably. Did I listen to my body and back off when I needed to. Absolutely.

So here is your daily reminder to give yourself some grace. Pushing yourself too hard, too soon, can take both a physical and emotional toll but with the right guidance, you can get back to doing everything you were doing before, and more. ?

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