I feel like most people are familiar with postpartum depression, but postpartum anxiety often goes undiagnosed.

Sure, it’s normal to worry about your new baby, but PP anxiety can get out of control and get in the way of your daily life.

Common symptoms
– Constant worry that can’t be eased
– Dreading bad things will happen
– Sleep issues
– Racing thoughts
– Inability to complete tasks ?

This can lead to
– Fatigue
– Heart palpitations
– Digestion issues
– Trembling
– Chest pain
– Dizziness

PP Anxiety and depression often go hand in hand and play a huge part in starting or sticking with a workout routine. ?

? We all know exercise helps anxiety and depression, but what to do when you can’t get past it to the point of even starting a workout in the first place?

I have seen this in many clients, and simply having more “willpower” is not the answer. They often describe it as a feeling of being “glued to the couch” and no matter how much they want to work out they just can’t make it happen or have a hard time leaving their baby long enough to do it.

? This is when I suggest they reach out to a professional for help. Lifestyle changes, therapy, herbal remedies, and medication can be so helpful and get you in a place where you are READY to start exercising again.

You aren’t alone mama. Actually, almost 20% of women deal with this. Make sure to reach out to others for help!

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