Did you know Plantar Fasciitis is more common in the summer?

1️⃣ People are more active – warm weather leads to more running, walking and doing things outside
2️⃣ We often trade our boots and runners for flip flops and bare feet.

PF can cause pain in the heel or arch of the foot and can be downright debilitating for those who enjoy exercise.

It’s caused by inflammation of the fascia and tendon on the bottom of the foot, and is often worse in the morning.

Side note — it’s also common among pregnant woman, which is why I see a lot of it!

So what can you do ??
➡️ Wear supportive shoes. Gripping your toes in flip flops or teetering around in heels isn’t great for those with PF.
➡️ Avoid going barefoot indoors or on uneven ground. (barefoot beach walks can make it worse if you’re already dealing with it – although it can help improve the muscles of the feet when not inflamed)
➡️ RICE – rest, ice, compression, elevation. This will all help bring down the inflammation and decrease the pain.
➡️ Stretches – stretching the feet, calf, toes, Achilles and more will help. I’ll post more about this tomorrow!

Most importantly, if you have a history of PF, it’s more likely to come back. So when you feel it flaring up don’t push it. Taking time to rest and avoiding overtraining will keep it from turning into a full blown injury.

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