I feel like I have nothing to wear…

News flash ➡️ the world is reopening and we are being forced to wear REAL clothes and leave the sweatpants at home (oh the agony…lol)

Now, if you know me, I live in workout clothes….but I’ve found myself flipping through my closet lately trying to decide what to wear out for dinner and thinking…..”Shit…I have tons of clothes but nothing to wear”

How the heck did the styles change from the last time I was going out regularly? Skinny jeans are out!? I can’t hide in oversized coats? WTF. ?

Now, don’t get me wrong…I’m no fashion icon but I try to look somewhat presentable at times, which led me to a trip to LA last weekend to try to update my wardrobe with SOMETHING remotely trendy.

I’m just going to say it. Not everyone looks good in mom jeans and crop tops. Truthfully, I am not one of those people and my shopping trip left me feeling slightly discouraged. — side note, I did buy myself a new leather jacket that makes me feel incredibly cool lol ?

10 years ago you would have found me squeezing into uncomfortable double padded push up bras (you know the ones ?) and dresses that never quite fit right. Since then I’ve come to appreciate my body for what it is, and that’s okay.

You know what looks best on everyone? ? Clothes that FIT well and flatter the parts that we love, so we can strut down the street with confidence instead of tugging at our clothes worrying about how we look.

Wearing clothes that flatter my body and accentuate the parts that I like (like my toned arms and long legs) will ALWAYS be the better choice.

I work hard for my physique and for the most part I feel pretty good about how I look. Now put me in pants that bring attention to all the wrong areas and a low cut top, I might just burst into tears. ?

Ladies, celebrate your hard work, love your body for the shape it is, and good lord forget about wearing ill fitting clothes just because you saw some blogger in it.

Confidence is a beautiful thing, and people will remember that way more than what shirt you were wearing. ❤️

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