Neck stretches for super annoying neck tension!

This week I wanted to share a few of my favorite neck stretches. Anyways! I talked earlier this week on #wfh ergonomics and how we can make this time a little more comfortable and a little less painful for everyone spending a lot of time on the computer!.

Neck tension can be super annoying and painful and often a result of stress, posture, repetitive movements, etc. Try these…being careful to only stretch within your limits and skipping if you have any pre-existing neck injury.

?Stretch #1 — put gentle pressure on the back of your head as your turn to look into your opposite armpit. Hold for 20 seconds, repeat on other side.

?Stretch #2 — Knit your hands together and place on the nape of your neck. Gently tuck your chin and bring your head forward until you feel a stretch, hold for 3 deep breaths.

?Stretch # 3– Interlace your hands together behind your back opening up the chest. Gently turn your head to look up on an angle stretching the front of your neck and shoulders. Hold 3 breaths, repeat other side.

?Stretch 4 — Keep your hands interlocked behind your back. Slowly flow through the motion of bringing your head to the ground and stretching your arms behind you, only going as far as you are able. Roll yourself up to sitting with your hands behind your head and bring the elbows back to open up the chest for 2 breaths. Enjoy! .

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