How many times do people say to me… “Yeah but I wouldn’t like that because I’m not competitive like you”

You don’t need to be competitive to want to improve some aspect of yourself.

It doesn’t matter what your goals are, to be stronger, happier, move your body, be a good mom, be focused at work, whatever… if you truly don’t care if you are ANY better than you were yesterday than there are way bigger things to work on in life than exercising.

And if you really still believe this than maybe you just need a deep dive session with a pro on personal goal setting and creating realistic expectations. I usually help my clients decide what their measurable outcomes will be so we can monitor progress and celebrate their wins. ?

Now believe me… I know I have a competitive streak, but it actually has way less to do with winning and way more to do with knowing I have the potential to improve in some way.

Fun fact – When I ride the bike, I filter my classes to “just me” and try to beat my last score. It’s really satisfying to know I’m getting stronger, even in the slightest bit.

So I’ll repeat it again. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be better and what that looks like is completely up to you. It’s you vs you my dear, no one else matters. Because if you aren’t striving for something, even the smallest little wins then what are you doing?

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