Healthy ✨ Living ➡️ The next thing my coaches and I have been talking about in my group program is how to BUILD your PLATE. ? ? ?

Can nutrition really be that simple? Yes, yes it can. It doesn’t always have to be about tracking and weighing your food (but there can be a time and place for that depending on your goals) but learning simple ways to eat balanced throughout the day without stressing too much over it.

We follow this strategy when planning dinners each night. Start with our high quality protein, add in the carb and fill the rest with veggies. Done. ✅

I’ve compared the days that I simply eyeball it like this, and the days I’ve measured everything out… and once I had a good idea of appropriate portion sizes, my macros pretty much came out the same. ?‍♀️

Let’s focus on what we can ADD to our diet to fill in the gaps, rather than what we need to take away. That is the key to sustainable eating habits over time.

What do you think? Is your dinner looking balanced tonight? ⤵️

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