Habits & Rituals ⤵️ How did I make this whole working out and eating healthy thing a habit? It didn’t just happen overnight.

The bottom line is…we form rituals around things that we VALUE.

You brush your teeth twice a day because you probably value your teeth (and not having bad breath haha)

You may make your coffee every morning, because you like how it makes you feel, and that makes it easy to make it a ritual.

So when it comes to changing your lifestyle and incorporating more exercise….you truly need to focus on your mindset first.

? Workout because you CAN, not because you have to. Eat well because it makes you feel GOOD, not because you’re being punished.

The more you remind yourself of WHY you are doing something, the more value it holds, and the easier it is to make a habit.

Just my two cents for you on this Monday morning ?


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