Green Blender Smoothie Review

Superfood smoothies delivered right to your door? Yes please! When Jenna at Green Blender asked if I wanted to try one of their smoothie delivery boxes I was pretty stoked on the idea.

If you have read some of my other posts about meal delivery service, you will know that I love convenient healthy food delivered. I also really love smoothies, so win-win!

How it Works

Our box arrived on time and was at my doorstep when I got home. It was nicely packaged and insulated so the fruit and veggies didn’t spoil before we got to use them. We got a selection of ingredients to make 5 different smoothies. They were all organic, natural foods such as spinach, bok choy, oranges, kiwis, melon and bananas.
smoothie recipe boxThe box came with recipes to follow each day and each recipe had the corresponding ingredients needed. You do need a blender (my Nutribullet worked just fine with the large cup) and mixer (water, ice). I occasionally swapped out the water for almond milk when I wanted a creamier smoothie.

The ingredients lasted us almost a whole week. The fruit that was already pre-cut (e.g. mangos or melon) got a little mushy as the week went on, so I realized I should have made those smoothie recipes earlier and saved the whole fruit ones for later in the week.

green smoothie recipessmoothie recipes

Helpful Tips

Since the ingredients aren’t separated in the box it’s a good idea to look at the recipes and put the ingredients for each smoothie in a Ziploc or paper bag so they are easy to put together in the morning. The first day I was sifting through everything to find all the proper ingredients and that made it a bit more challenging. Once they were all sorted I was able to make each smoothie in less than 2 minutes!

What I Loved

The best part about this box is the recipes. I tried some really unique and different smoothie recipes that I haven’t even thought of before! I loved that they incorporated superfoods like spinach and kiwi as well as boosters like hemp seeds or cayenne pepper. Not going to lie, I’m a pretty picky eater so I wasn’t a fan of a couple of ingredients but I made those recipes for my husband and he loved them.green smoothie recipe

The smoothies are mostly kid friendly. I would stay away from giving her one with any energy boosters but most of them were fine. My daughter loved the Coconut Pineapple Mint with Bai Smoothie and drank a big glass of it! Each of the recipes are enough for one large smoothie or two smaller ones.

2016-01-17 14.27.19

Overall, I love the idea of this service. I enjoy that they provide unique recipes, organic fruits and veggies and convenient delivery each week. For some people this can really be the difference between eating a healthy breakfast or grabbing fast food on the way to work! For our family, I think it will be great to have as a treat every month but not on a weekly basis. The best thing is Green Blender is super flexible and has no problem with skipped weeks or occasional orders. Try them today and use the code natasha to get a special discount on your first order. Sign up here!

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