Glute Amnesia – I’m not sure who coined this term (maybe Dr. Stuart McGill?) but I like it.

It essentially means that your BOOTY has forgotten how to contract.

Not kidding. ??‍♀️

? Why does this happen? Really, anything that causes your glutes to sit in a lengthened position where they don’t get much action can cause them to turn off. Also, if the opposing muscles are tight (hip flexors) the glutes get inhibited. After time, neuron pathways get weak and take more and more effort to fire.

This can be from
– Too much sitting
– Tight hip flexors
– Posture
– Pregnancy (see posture)
– Decreased muscle mass with age

? So why should you care? Well not only will you have a flat backside in an era where butts are everything, but it can be the culprit of hip pain, low back pain, and muscle strains and tears.

If your glutes (one of the largest muscles in your body) aren’t working…then something else must be picking up the slack (usually a much smaller, weaker muscle), and that is NOT GOOD.

Sometimes it’s both glutes, or just one. And from my experience, it almost always goes hand in hand with — hamstring strains, TFL issues, sciatic pain or piriformis syndrome, low back pain, and weak adductors and core.

Ladies…it even affects your pelvic floor. ?

So that’s what we’re chatting about this week. With lots of examples showing you how to test for it, and what you can do to fix it.

Also, do you even squat bro? ⬆️? love youuuuu TRC xo

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