Ergonomic Fixes for muscle tension and nerve pain!

Keyboard too high! This is a common problem I saw with the people who sent me pics of their work from home setup. Ideally you want everything at 90 degrees. When the elbows are much lower than your wrists it can cause you to shrug up through your shoulders and also puts the wrists in a unnatural angle on the keyboard. This can cause muscle tension, nerve pain and will make you fatigue faster.
How to fix it ➡️

Ideal way — ? the best way to remedy this is to get a keyboard tray that slides under your desk or have a desk that can adjusts in height. If this isn’t a good option keep reading …

Quarantine way —

? 1) Make your seat higher. If it’s feasible get yourself a higher chair or sit on a pillow. Just this couple inch boost can really help with the angle of your elbow to wrist.

?2) Get yourself a wireless keyboard and mouse. This is an inexpensive purchase that makes a HUGE difference if you are working from a laptop. Use a lap tray or something flat to put the keyboard and mouse on your lap. Better yet, set yourself up at a high table or countertop so you can work from a standing position. Having a separate keyboard will also allow you to prop up your screen to eye level reducing strain on the neck and back.

?3) Use dictation software. Many computers come with voice recognition. This can be good for writing short emails, taking notes, etc and limits time on the keyboard.

?4) Lastly, try to change your position during the day! No matter how good your setup is you want to get up every hour and take a walk around the house, do some stretches and shake everything out.

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