Do you warmup before you run? I mean… more than a brisk walk for a minute or two? ?

? Warm-ups are one of the most skipped components of any workout, but they are important for so many reasons, especially when it comes to running. We warm up before lifting weights so why not when we go for a run?

I’ll be posting my go to running warmup tomorrow for you to follow along! ?

➡️ So why are they important?
1. They get your central nervous system ready for activity. We all know that exercise can be just as demanding mentally as it is physically. A proper warm-up gives your brain time to prepare for more vigorous activities. A warm-up will also “wake up” your nerve pathways to the muscles you need to use.. pretty cool, eh?

2. It allows your heart rate and blood pressure to gradually begin to rise while increasing the blood flow away from your internal organs and to the working muscles. Without enough blood flow to the involved muscles, you’re going to fatigue much more quckly.

3. The increased blood flow to the muscles raises their temperature and decreases muscle stiffness, improving your range of motion and allowing the muscles to function at their best and decreasing your risk of injury.

4. It increases the activity of your breathing muscles and improves the gas exchange in your lungs, which will allow your body to meet the demands of running.

5. It changes your hormone levels to increase the glucose in your blood, which is what fuels exercise!

So the gist is this: a good warm-up prepares your body to get the most out of your workout while avoiding injury. I think we can all agree that that’s worth the 5-10 minutes it takes to do it!

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