Do you feel like you look 3 months pregnant after eating? ?‍♀️

It may have something to do with weak abdominal muscles but there’s a good chance your digestion isn’t optimal, leading to uncomfortable bloating.

Ladies, this is a real thing…and something so many of my clients just deal with because they think it is normal. ?

So what leads to bloating? ?
– Food sensitivities (dairy, gluten, other allergens)
– Diet high in sodium, carbonated drinks, carbs
– FODMAPs (found in some foods)
– Poor eating habits (like eating too fast)
– Hormones
– Constipation

Most of the time bloating can be resolved by changes in diet, but sometimes it can be a sign of a more serious condition so it’s always best to talk to your doc and get further testing if it’s an ongoing issue. ?‍♀️

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