Beyond diastasis recti ⤵️ Are you constantly looking for the secret to flat abs??

Here’s a fun fact ? I go to exercise classes and love to watch everyone else’s form during the class. Why? Because I am nosy like that ?, and it helps me figure out how to cue my clients.

Truth is, there are many secrets to “flat abs” and it’s never ending problem solving but THIS is what I’ve seen a lot of lately….

➡️ DOMING. What do I mean by that? It’s when your whole 6 pack (rectus abdominis) bulges out like a bread loaf during exercise (and may stay that way after), especially with things like planks or more challenging ab work on your back. This is unlike diastasis recti, where you see bulging mostly down the midline…although you CAN have both of these together.

? SO yes, your 6 pack muscles can be TOO strong, and that may be keeping you from the flat belly you’re searching for.

Doming is often caused by
1) Poor pressure management
2) External obliques and rectus abdominis that want to do all the work, so your TA and internal obliques check out and stay weak.

This is BAD because it can cause…
❌Trigger points in the abdominal muscles
❌Low back/mid back pain
❌Tight hip flexors
❌Overactive neck muscles
❌Hip pain
❌Pelvic floor issues

This week we’re covering how to identify this, cues to remember during exercise to help it, and of course a great core workout for you to try.

Stay tuned xx

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