37 Weeks Pregnant

September 16, 2014

37 weeks pregnant tomorrow!

No blog post lately because, well, nothing has happened! We are finally in the home stretch of this pregnancy. My goodness, being 37 weeks tomorrow makes it all more real, I’d love to keep this baby in until 40 weeks but knowing that she is considered full term now is such a relief. We are finished the nursery, bought everything we need, had a baby shower, and had one last weekend away just the two of us! I am proud to say that I am still working out at least 3 times a week, mostly consisting of swimming, walking, and pilates or yoga. I also do home exercises each day (squats, core exercises, stretching, and pelvic floor exercises) to prepare for the birth. I get a lot of stares at the gym and at the beach these days, but it’s all worth it knowing that staying active is keeping me and baby healthy and hopefully will lead to an easier birth! My husband has been so excited and so supportive, I just couldn’t ask for a better man. Here are some pictures of this nursery now that it is finally finished and a picture of me from last week! We are doing weekly progress pictures now, so I will post them all at the end after bubs gets here.

nursery1nursery2 nursery3 nursery4 nursery5 36 weeks


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