When I started this business almost 7 years ago…

When I started this business almost 7 years ago it was nothing more than a blog, some (poorly made) workout videos 不, a cute baby and helpful tips from one new mom to another.

Do you remember those posts? My babywearing workouts and rows of meal prepped food多aha. I simply shared pieces of my life hoping they would inspire someone else in the smallest way.

I NEVER anticipated I would be doing this as a job (I already had a great job in healthcare!), never mind a full time successful business.

I have grown so much as a person and a coach妃ultiple courses, certifications, hours of business development and lots of googling to figure out all the backend logistics.

When I started offering online training I wasnt entirely sure if I was doing it right. At times I felt like an imposter, because I was a personal trainer, not an entrepreneur and I knew nothing about marketing.

I was recognized by major brands as an expert in the field which helped solidify the fact that what I had to say was meaningful and there were tons of people out there who could benefit. Its been a learning curve, lots of trial and error and TONS of experiences, good and bad (Ill share one day some of my projects that were major flops).

My online hobby grew into in-home training then renting space at a gym and then eventually opening a place of my own and expanding my online business to what it is now. Crazy right. 潘

All I am saying is that all it takes is an idea, a lot of commitment, and consistency. Like anything, you only get out what you put into something and I have poured my heart and soul into this. So if youre looking at a goal that seems so big and out of reach, just know圯veryone has to start somewhere.

To the 100s of women I have coached. I am grateful for you, you make my job so meaningful and your success is the best reward. If you have a comment or memory of our work together Id love to hear xo

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