So you know I sweat… a lot ? and I’m always looking for ways to stay ultra hydrated (in addition to guzzling water like it’s my job).

I’ve tried pretty much every electrolyte drink there is but it’s hard to find a good one that doesn’t have a ton of sugar and artificial colors in it.

I usually do water with some salt in it, but that gets pretty boring after a while.

BUT … I was recently sent Nakedade to give a try and I have to say, it’s pretty good!! Free of all the stuff you don’t want to put in your body and full of electrolytes and carbs to keep you fueled during workouts, especially when it’s hot out.

I tried it today after my sweaty run and I drank a HUGE bottle of water without even noticing because it tasted good. So that’s a win. I think it tastes best if you mix 1 packet with 40oz, dilutes it a bit.

Stay hydrated friends ?

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