I’m often one of the people my clients share stuff with in confidence…

Especially when it comes to working through big decisions!

We like to look to the internet or others for answers when we are faced with tough decisions but ultimately it’s up to you to decide what’s best for you and your life.

So what’s the best way to go at it?

1️⃣ Ditch the pros and cons list. We all do it. We think if we make a list of all the reasons to do something and another with all the reasons not to we will magically come to an answer. The bottom line — you can make an argument for anything so going over these lists again and again usually makes it harder to decide.

2️⃣ Acknowledge that all decisions come with regrets. Think of it this way… if you’re trying to decide between 2 restaurants, no matter what you choose there will be something about the other one that you’re longing for. So rather than try to pick the path that will lead to no regrets, choose the path with the regrets you are able to live with.

3️⃣ When it comes to life changing decisions pick one and live with it for 5 days. If you’re trying to decide if you want to move visualize your life in the new city, think about what your morning routine will look like as you get ready in the morning and be realistic about what you would love or hate about it as you go through your day. Then do the same for the other choice.

4️⃣ Stop overthinking it. We can become obsessed with our own thoughts. Sometimes taking some time away will help bring the clarity you need. We have all had analysis paralysis!

5️⃣ It’s okay to decide to not decide. We can’t live in indecision forever but we can say “I’m going to address this in 3 months, etc”. Choose a concrete date and stick with it.

6️⃣ Make the choice with a growth mindset rather than a choice out of fear. We often choose the most familiar path, the safe bet, the easy outcome. If you are considering a new job, ask yourself if you are choosing to stay where you are because it’s comfortable or because it’s truly the better choice.

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