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Some people may say I have an athletic wear addiction. I just believe I am well dressed for everyday life. Being a busy mom, Personal Trainer, Occupational Therapist and workout junkie I spend probably 90% of my time in workout clothes or a bathing suit. Ha. Rough #CaliforniaLife
senita athletics review

I am always on the hunt for new and upcoming brands to give different fabrics, styles and price points a try (hey, everyone likes a good deal). I recently came across Senita Athletics, and they graciously offered to send me some clothes to try out. I have put together an honest review for you to read before you head over to buy!

A little about me…

I work up a sweat daily, I change my workout clothes at least twice a day, and I wash them usually once a week. I need clothes that will keep me comfortable and stink free and hold up after multiple washes.

I am a pretty standard size small (4-6) across the board. I am about 5’9”, 135 pounds and have long limbs, a flat chest and sizeable booty. I am telling you this, because it will help you visualize how the clothes may fit on you!
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The clothes

I was sent the Sarah sports bra in hot pink (love the color) and Ellie tights in black . I was impressed immediately after opening the package. The colors are bright, the fabric is soft, stretchy and high quality enough to hide some imperfections. I also appreciate that the bra comes nicely padded and everything has pockets!! Seriously though, pockets everywhere….I love having the option to stash my phone in my pants or in the back of the sports bra. The pants have a higher waist and lots of give. Overall everything fit perfect. No sagging, no muffin top, no camel toe. Their clothes definitely fit true to size.

After the workout…

I wore these through a run outdoors as well as a Crossfit workout. They were perfect for a run and felt comfortable throughout. The pants have enough stretch for squats and box jumps and the sports bra held everything in place. Word to the wise….if you sweat heavily like me (I’m talking I can probably wring my clothes out after a workout) be aware that the lighter colors in this fabric show your sweat. This doesn’t bother me because I wear my sweat like a badge of honor post WOD, but some girls who prefer to sparkle may want to stick to darker colors.
senita athletics review

After a wash….

I threw these in the wash with my other workout clothes. Please note, I have learned through my years of wearing yoga pants that you should always wash them on cold and hang to dry. My Senita clothes came out perfect, the color didn’t bleed or fade, they retained their shape just fine and didn’t hang onto any odors.


I am thoroughly impressed with this brand. Founded by Maddie and Jenna these entrepreneurial moms have been able to combine affordability and function to create workout clothes that work for everyone. Senita Athletics was launched in December of 2015 with a goal of providing affordable workout clothes without compromising quality. Well ladies, I think your goal is accomplished! Head over to senitaathletics.com to order yourself something today, use code FITMAMASB for 10% off! Be quick, their popular colors and patterns sell out fast, so check back often and follow on social media to catch the new releases.

In fitness and good health,
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