My clients always ask…. ?

– When will my diastasis recti be healed?
– When can I run again?
– When can I get back to lifting?

I really wish I could give them a date. That I could tell them right before they give birth when they will feel physically recovered…but just like anything, it’s so different from person to person. ?‍♀️

You may never know when you are truly ready, but with the proper mindset, mindfulness and a positive attitude you can certainly get there. ?

Bottom line, be smart but don’t be scared. Your body is pretty resilient. ?

If you had a relatively easy and active pregnancy, smooth delivery and have been cleared (I highly suggest seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist for an eval too)…there is nothing wrong with pushing yourself when you feel mentally and physically prepared. Just check in with the red flags so you know when to back off if it’s too much.

You got this mama xo ?

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