Mastitis and what it means for your workouts

If you know…you know. It sucks. ?
What can start as a clogged breast duct can turn into a major infection and send you into a fever, chills and feeling all kinds of terrible.

➡️ But what does this mean for your workouts?

If you think you may be getting mastitis, it is actually best to pause your workouts for a bit.

❌ You should avoid anything strenuous and definitely avoid any upper body exercises (bench press, pushups, shoulder press, etc)

Exercising, particularly exercising the upper body can send the infection into overdrive. The increased heart rate and blood flow can quickly pump the infection around making it way worse.

If you simply have a clogged duct or very early signs of mastitis you can potentially stop it from getting worse and treat it naturally, avoiding antibiotics. BUT…if it’s already progressed and you have a fever, chills or feel terrible you need to see a doc. Nobody wants a systemic infection, and as much as antibiotics suck, sometimes they are necessary.

Pay attention to these risk factors
❣️Not fully emptying with each feed
❣️Stress or compromised immune system
❣️Continuous pressure in one spot limiting flow (poor bras, sleeping on one side, etc)
❣️Cracked nipples
❣️Staying in sweaty clothes (best to change your bra right after working out)
❣️Dehydration or poor diet

So, to answer the question I always get asked….can you still workout if you have Mastitis?

The answer is no. ?

Get better and ease back into it after your fever goes away. Avoid upper body exercises or repetitive arm movements for about a week to be safe…but getting out for walks, low intensity workouts or stretching should be okay.

Have you had mastitis? I luckily never had it when A was young but many of my clients have! Anything you can add to help it go away ASAP

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