Let’s talk muscle pain. ➡️ How sore is too sore??

So… you worked out your legs. And you are HURTING (I mean can barely sit on the toilet kind of sore) Is this normal?

?If you haven’t worked out in a while it’s probably nothing to be concerned about, just be aware the next time you go to workout to maybe back off the weights a bit. BUT if you’ve been working out regularly and you still get this sore keep reading …

We get sore because when we workout it causes micro tears in our muscles. The tears then heal and muscle grows ? (in the simplest explanation ever)

Now if you have been working out regularly and you are STILL getting that sore might be worth paying attention to the following
? Are you hydrating and eating enough? Muscles can’t heal themselves when they are running on nothing
? You may be deficient in key minerals. Magnesium (among other nutrients) can help with muscle pain and recovery.
? Are you working at the right level? Beating yourself up at the gym everyday isn’t going to serve you well long term. Manage your stress levels and make sure to work in restorative movement as well.
?Are you alternating between strength training and active rest days?
?Are you fighting a cold, overly stressed, not sleeping, or taxing your system in some other way?

LASTLY- Is your muscle pain due to injury or even worse rhabdo?
If you have pain, redness, swelling, muscle stiffness, fatigue, weakness, dark urine. These are red flags ? Go get checked out for injuries or if you suspect rhabdo head to the ER.

Let’s aim to be good sore. You know the kind where you wake up in the morning and go… “yesss, I feel like I worked out yesterday” ? not the kind where you dread getting out of bed.

Cheers to leg day ?

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