It’s so cliche but its true. A little bit of planning can go a long way. ?

Here’s an example…There is a really great empanada place down the street from my gym. I could eat them every single day and probably not get tired of them. (there’s also a McDonalds and multiple taco places, so it’s definitely the best choice of the 3 haha) ?

So the days I don’t plan ahead and bring a lunch you better believe I’m getting empanadas. While they are super tasty and nice every once in a while, eating them on the daily isn’t great on my stomach and usually won’t give me enough energy to power through a workout. ?

So if you’re finding yourself grabbing food on the go every day, get yourself a fancy lunch bag, make a grocery list at the start of the week, and start preparing simple lunches to take with you. Getting into the habit will do a lot for both your wallet and your nutrition goals. ?‍♀️

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